Snail sails

18th Mar 2015

Just lately it seems that every person I speak to is cruising, either going to or returning from.  Last week we were able to catch up with long-time friends when they called into the port of Newcastle for a brief […]

Monday Mail

2nd Mar 2015

What’s not to love about a Monday morning when your first task at the desk is to respond to letters from children at an early learning centre (ages 3-5 years).  How wonderful were Karen and the staff at Warners Bay […]

Marauding, mango muncher strikes again!

10th Feb 2015

A balmy summers evening in Australia, children are in bed and I am luxuriating enveloped in quietness in the company of a good read when….THUMP, CLUMP, CLUMP, CLUMP…oh no! There is an elephant tap dancing on our roof in steel […]

The chocolate Snail

3rd Nov 2014

It is a universal fact that chocolate makes the world go round! Having been prepared to sacrifice my waistline in the quest for veracity I have tasked myself to prove this fact in a number of countries and have come […]

A Snails sojourn to Jogjakarta

25th Sep 2014

As you may have guessed from my earlier words, of all the cities I have visited in Indonesia, Yogyakarta is the one that resonates most strongly for me. Having friends over from Australia was motivation to take the Snail for […]

Tamariska Orphanage meets the Snail

24th Aug 2014

Balikpapan like many Indonesian towns has a number of orphanages. I know of 5 and I am pretty sure there are probably more. Labelled as ‘orphans’ many children within these institutions do in fact have a family, however they have […]

Geographically embarrassed in Canberra

28th Jul 2014

Canberra City to Holder 2 hours..Ummm??? Continuing… After a great hot chocolate and all too large piece of homemade slice at a local café where we also caught up on the latest local news, we were refreshed enough to […]

Snail on the move – Gunning

15th Jul 2014

I had an appointment with a book buyer in Canberra! So why were we in Gunning?  At less than 10 degrees Celsius I can see the Snail might need a jumper for this visit.   As my earliest memories equate […]

The Snail disgraces itself!

25th Jun 2014

A photo captures an embarrassing moment during a book reading at Pelican Flats Public School when the children noticed the sculptured snail accompanying me had moved and left snail trail on the carpet! You will notice the look of mortification […]

Book Launch

17th Jun 2014

In a word, ‘hectic’ would be an understatement of the last couple of weeks as I undertook two book launches on two separate and diverse continents.  Having never been part of organizing a book launch there was a bit to […]