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19th Sep 2013
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Response to AIS fan mail

Whilst doing the presentation at book week I found out many of the children had never received a postcard. It was following book week I received my first fan mail (as opposed to fan email). Seventeen beautifully written letters, many with illustrations, from a class at the Australian International School, Balikpapan. It would appear the students were quite keen on the book and had enjoyed the reading.  Not only did I want to reply to their wonderful letters, I also wanted to make sure they received them.  With this in mind I used one of the postcards Yuni had designed and had stickers made up of the postage stamp she had used on my business card.  A further touch of authenticity was given with a ‘The Snail ate the mail’ stamp.  The postcards were then hand delivered to the school for distribution, given my blog of 14 August you may appreciate why I wouldn’t be too keen to leave them to the whim of the mail system here.

My evenings have been spent in email correspondence finalising information with Katie@katiedesign for the printers.  Suspense heightens as the release date draws ever nearer!!!

Stickers & stamp

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