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In our home we have a guest book for visitors. I would invite you as a visitor to my web page to leave your first name, country and any comment you would like to make either about the book or your country.

More books are planned. If you and enough of your friends like this page, perhaps your country will be the next one visited.

NOTE: Please don’t forget to identify your country so I can put you on the map.  Thank you.

123 comments on “Guest Book

  1. Hi thanks for coming to our school today I am in 3/4kc you probably saw me Holy Spirit school

  2. Diane on said:

    Well done Maxine on your beautiful book. The web page looks fantastic and truly represents all of your hard work. I am very proud of you and wish you good luck on the book. I will definitely be buying a copy for my niece, Ella.

  3. Eadie on said:

    Hi Maxine 🙂 You came to my school (Caves Beach Public School). I loved your book because it reminded me of my house and I’m going to go to Ross Street number 127 and see the letterbox from the book!! And, by the way my mail gets eaten by snails to lol:)

    From Eadie (8 years)

    • Thank you Eadie I am so happy you enjoyed the book. It was great fun being at the school. If you visit perhaps you may be able to see the snail that has been eating the mail. Our postie Trevor says there are many letter boxes in Swansea that have hungry snails living in them. Maybe Chris and Bills snail has gone on vacation to your house!

  4. Laurindah on said:

    Thank you for your fabulous presentation this morning Maxine. The children all thoroughly enjoyed your visit and your book. Thanks again!

  5. Julia on said:

    I look forward to seeing where all your postcards come from. It is a wonderful addition for the global nomads we all teach or work with. Good luck on your upcoming book tour!

    • Thank you Julia. I hope you will be in town for the celebration party. I too am looking forward to seeing how many and what different countries postcards may come from.

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