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In our home we have a guest book for visitors. I would invite you as a visitor to my web page to leave your first name, country and any comment you would like to make either about the book or your country.

More books are planned. If you and enough of your friends like this page, perhaps your country will be the next one visited.

NOTE: Please don’t forget to identify your country so I can put you on the map.  Thank you.

123 comments on “Guest Book

  1. Maggie Ellison on said:

    Hey mum, can’t wait for the next book!!!!! So exciting!!!!!!!
    lots of love always,
    your little Maggot:) 🙂

  2. Bright House Preschool on said:

    We loved hearing your story this morning. We can’t wait to read more about the snails adventures.
    From all the children at Bright House PreSchool, Buff Point, Central Coast NSW Australia

  3. Lovely meeting you on Saturday

  4. Liesbeth Kriekaard on said:

    I know you have been working hard on this book and regret I did not see it when it was published. Maybe I can order them somewhere for my grandchildren. Love from Nederland Liesbeth

  5. Charlotte on said:

    Hi Maxine,
    I love your book so much. It is so much fun to read and to look at. I love how the snail made a trail it was amazing.
    I would love that book because it looks amazing as well.


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