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22nd Apr 2013
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I have been overwhelmed with the response to date on the web page & Facebook, thank you everyone for your feedback. The cyber gremlin has entered the system for some people & we are experiencing a glitch or two, please let me know if you have noticed anything not working, or not working in the way you think it should & I will pass onto Nicole, the web designer. Just a note on Nicole, she is currently in The Netherlands awaiting the birth of her first child, such a very exciting time for her & her husband.

Am hearing that the sampler I have put out about the book is not enough & some of you are impatient to hear more. This is good!

‘The Snail ate the mail’ is a children’ mystery, travel adventure book predominantly targeting 4-7 year olds, although its appeal will extend beyond this range.

The story starts at the beginning of the week, as all good stories do, with Chris and Bill receiving a postcard in their letterbox from overseas. The mystery is created by the industrious efforts of the letterbox’s resident hungry snail, eating part of the country of origin and senders name from each postcard.

While Chris and Bill may struggle to identify the country of origin, Paul’s beautiful illustrations depicting iconic symbols and landmarks as well as map, flag and greeting from each country in question will ensure children have little trouble working out where the postcard is from. As different portion of the senders name is depleted from each postcard by the snail, children will quickly identify the mystery author of the postcards.

Paul’s illustrations have been undertaken in such a manner that not only is the eye pleased by the beautiful colours and artfully crafted symbols of each country, subsequent perusal of the book will result in the discovery of the fine details that heighten the aura of authenticity of each postcard…….

11 comments on “Hello world!

  1. Technology,exciting tales, slow mail, fast mail, no mail….may the journey continue!!

  2. Ninna on said:

    You little beauty!!!! I’m learning too, so I will also come for the ride and hopefully learn along the way. I too look forward to the production of the end result and the subsequent tales. “That’s ma girl” Love and super best wishes

    • This is a bit of a concern having two people on training wheels, I think we need to find someone with more experience to drive. I’ll see what I can do. Am using the network system to get help in a simplified, easy to follow format.

  3. Wendy on said:

    How exciting! I can’t wait to see the end product. (And then to hear of the next adventures!) Balikpapan

  4. Catherine on said:

    Welcome to a new journey.

  5. I have over the last few years been working towards the publication of my children’s book ‘The Snail ate the mail’. It has been an interesting & at times frustrating experience, it would seem all was ready & then another hurdle would be thrown into the challenge. It got to the point I was too superstitious to say anything about progress as it only seemed to delay things further. However it would appear we have turned into the proverbial home straight.
    As I breathed a sigh of relief David, the esteemed publisher, informs me I really should have a web page & enter into all the associated accessories to keep people informed of where we are up to with the book. Of itself this is a fine and reasonable suggestion, until one considers I know nothing about managing a web page and even less about ‘Blogging’ or ‘Twitter’. I do however confess to a limited, very limited, knowledge of ‘Facebook’.
    Thank goodness for a wonderful group of friends & effective networking, we are on the way to the start of what I hope may be an interesting and informative relationship between us.

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