Postcard from Kerala, India

27th Sep 2013
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You have already met Payal in the India video.  Payal has a wealth of wonderful information about her country and it was a challenge to trim it for the video as she was so keen for others to discover the unique experience that is “Incredible India”.  This is more fascinating information from Payal about her country.

India is a creative country in the arts and culture, dancing is one of India’s most highly developed arts and is an integral part of worship in the inner shrines of every temple. It is notable for its expressive hand movements, with over a hundred dance styles ranging from Classical to Folk to Contemporary and Cinematic.

Kerala dance

The world’s largest movie industry is based in the city of Mumbai, known as the ‘City of Dreams’.  The ‘B’ in ‘Bollywood’ comes from Bombay, the former name for Mumbai.  Almost all Bollywood movies are musicals.

India has nature’s bounty with her varied topography, picturesque valleys, glorious hill slopes, snow-capped mountains, gushing streams, exquisite lush green landscapes, sunny beaches, blazing deserts, cascading rivers, rich and diverse eco-systems with unrivalled variety of flora and fauna.  These are some of my photos from a visit to Kerala in the southern state of India, referred to as ‘God’s own country’.

Kerala waterfall     Kerala river

Kerala rubber      Kerala tea plantation

“In India, every day and every experience is a unique one and that is why it is called Incredible India”

Payal elephant

I am grateful to Payal for sharing her love of country with me and hope that you too enjoy the feeling behind her words and captured in her photos.

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