Postcard snippets – Indonesia

Country : Indonesia

Capital : Jakarta

National Day: 17th August

National Anthem: Indonesia Raya

Language/s: Bahasa Indonesian –  Over 700 indigenous languages

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah

Population: 253 million


Location: 5o 00’ North Latitude 120o 00’ East Longitude

Archipelago  – world’s largest  – 17,000 islands

Area: 1,919,400 km2

Highest Mountain: Puncak Jaya  4,884m

Climate:  Tropical.  Yearly average 25- 27 degrees Celsius

Two distinct seasons – wet and dry

Natural Hazards: Earthquakes


Volcanic eruptions – has 75% of the world’s active volcanoes



Food Staple: Rice

Eating Utensils: Spoon/fork or right hand

Education: Compulsory from grade 1 – 9

Transport: Most people use motor cycle.

Native Animal/bird: Many indigenous animals including; Orang utan, tarsier, Javan/Sumatran  rhinoceros, clouded leopard, Sumatran tiger, proboscious monkey, Asiatic elephant, babirus, sun bear & Komodo dragon.

Famous Building/s: Borobudur, Prambanan, Tanah Lot, Istiqlal Mosque

National Costume/colours: 300 ethnic groups with own traditional dress.  National colours red &white

Games/dance: Cockfighting


Stone jumping

Pencat Silat – traditional dance and martial arts

Sepak takraw – ball game

Congklak – strategy game

Lanyang-layang – kite flying

Egrang – walking on stilts

Interesting Fact/s: 1815 – world’s most powerful volcanic eruption – Mount Tambora

Home of world’s oldest skeleton – Java man – ‘homo erectus’

Java is the world’s most populous island

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