These are some suggested activities that can be used in conjunction with ‘the Snail ate the mail’ book to enhance children’s reading experience.  The activities were designed after I had spoken at a number of book readings and workshops where teachers, librarians and the children themselves suggested ways in which the book lent itself to further exploration and discovery.

I am in debt to Miss Laura Boulton BSc (Zoology) Grad Dip. Teaching – teacher, Australian International School Balikpapan for her invaluable advice in ensuring these resources are user friendly.

Please note: web references are for information only& do not constitute endorsement. Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Writing - Artwork as Inspiration for Narrative Writing

Games - Design a game

Games - Know your countries

Games - Crossword puzzle

Games - Wordmaze

Effective Communication - Verbal Communication

Effective Communication - Pen-pals

Effective Communication - E-pals

Effective Communication Frames - writing versus art/illustration