Announcing the birth of the book!

6th Apr 2014
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Advance Copy

Advance Copy

Have decided that having a book published is very much like pregnancy.  There is the initial excitement of conception, then a long gestation where changes seem to be noticeable only to the mother and possibly very close friends. At an appointed time and of cause never the one predicted by experts, there is the moment of release where everyone gears up and there is a lot of activity with little visible change, except once again for the mother.  Finally the moment when you hold the long awaited product in your hands and all the pain seems but a distant memory!

For me the arrival of an advance copy of ‘The Snail ate the mail’ has been a mixed bag of emotion.  First and foremost is joy, the silly grin on my face a sure sign to all, tinged perhaps with relief?  Then a bit of whimsical sadness that so many people who have played a role were not immediately available to share the excitement, one of the few downsides to being an expatriate.  However technology what it is, this has been rectified.

I will be returning to Australia for the book launch on 26th May, 6pm. Thanks to Cathy Shay, Lake Macquarie Council has graciously agreed to host this at Swansea Library. Both myself and Paul will be there and we would love to invite all our wonderful supporters and of cause their friends, family and children to join us in the celebration. Please keep the date free, your invitation is on the way!






2 comments on “Announcing the birth of the book!

  1. Jennifer B on said:

    WOW, your achievement comes as no surprise but what a woman you are!!!!

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