Children’s Literacy Book Launch Night

2nd Jun 2016
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It is very exciting to be assisting with the launch of my second book in ‘The Snail ate the mail – postcards’ series. Last  year when I attended book readings at Uniting St Luke’s Preschool, Belmont North the director, Kylie, asked if they could host the next launch…and here we are, or at least will be at 5:30pm on Monday!  St Luke’s Preschool is a lovely institute that strives to have a strong involvement in their local community, I am indeed honored to be included in this. Invitations have been printed and are in the mail for this ‘Children’s Literacy Book Launch Night’.  If by chance a snail has eaten your invitation, or your snail mail is very slow, you are still welcome to come.

Louise Wilson the illustrator and Michelle Martinez the graphic designer will also be there. The publisher David Jenkins will be joining us as well and fingers crossed that Mago from Omama Crafts will be able to come.  Mago is the clever person who made the soft snails that come with me for the children to hold when I do readings.


If you didn’t think this was exciting enough; Tony from Swansea Newsagency has generously put a wonderful display in the shop window.  I am so very fortunate to have this support.  Slow down as you pass or take a stroll down the main street – NewsXpress 202/204 Pacific Highway, Swansea, NSW.


You may notice in the display the new line of stationery, including stationery sets and sticky notes that I am trialing to complement the book. I hope to have them in the on-line shop soon









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