Fairies on the lawn

11th May 2015
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fairy 3One morning on the way home from walking the children to school, I stopped to assist an older lady who was struggling to pick up pieces of a toadstool from her footpath. In the course of conversation it transpires that each day the school children kick the toadstools over, the spores scatter across the grass and multiply. This meant the lady had even more toadstools to contend with and was at her wits end trying to figure out how to prevent this.

I suggested that as these were young children perhaps they may be swayed into leaving the toadstools alone if it was identified to them that they were in fact, fairy homes. Everyone of cause knowing that every self-respecting fairy lives in a toadstool (preferably with red spots)!

Although the lady was at first sceptical that such a mad scheme could in fact solve her dilemma, she did, as the photos show, get right into the spirit of things. Low and behold not a single toadstool fell victim to any more shoes.fairy 2

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