Postcard snippets – Japan

Country: Japan

Capital : Tokyo

National Day: 11th February

National Anthem: Kimigayo

Language/s: Japanese – Japan has 4 different alphabets; Kangi, Katakana, Hiragana & Romaji

Currency: Yen

Population: 128 million


Location: 24o – 46o North Latitude 123o – 146o East Longitude

Island nation in East Asia – 6,800 islands – 4 main islands; Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku & Kyushu

Area: 377,873 km2 – 68% is mountainous

Highest Mountain: Mt Fuji 3,776m

Climate: Tropical to cool temperate.  Yearly average 8 – 22 degrees Celsius

Four distinct seasons

Natural Hazards: 10% of world’s active volcanoes

Earthquakes – up to 1500/year




Food Staple:  Rice

Eating Utensils: Chop sticks

Education: Compulsory from 6 years old -15 years

Transport: Most people use trains/subway.

Native Animal/bird: 38 indigenous animals including; snow monkey, Red-crowned crane, Ryukyu Rabbit & Sika Deer

Famous Building/s: Tokyo Tower, New Tokyo Tower, Ginkakuji , Miyajima Tori, Daibutsu

National Costume/colours: Kimono

Games/dance: Sumo – wrestling

Ikebana – flower arranging

Chanoyu – tea ceremony

Hyakuninishu – cards

Nihonbuyou – dance

Karate/Aikedo/Judo/Kendo – self defence

Kudo – Archery


Interesting Fact/s:  world’s oldest continuous hereditary monarchy

Japan has Geisha – traditional entertainers

Samurai – old fashioned soldiers

Boys Day is celebrated on 5th May

Girls Day is celebrated on 3rd March

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