Postcard snippets – New Zealand

Country : New Zealand

Capital : Wellington

National Day: 6th February – Waitangi Day

National Anthem: ‘God Save the Queen’ & ‘God Defend New Zealand’

Language/s: English, Maori & New Zealand Sign Language

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

Population: 4.5 million


Location: 41o South Latitude 174o East Longitude

Two main islands – North Island & South Island – 700 off shore smaller islands

Area: 271, 000 km2

Highest Mountain:  Aoraki – Mount Cook 3,754 m.

Climate:  Cool – Temperate.  Yearly average 8.3 – 16.6 degrees Celsius

Four distinct seasons

Natural Hazards: Earthquakes


Volcanic eruptions



Food Staple:  Meat & vegetable. Kumara.

Eating Utensils: Knife/fork/spoon. Shared eating baskets.

Education: Compulsory from 6 – 16 years

Transport: Cars & walking

Native Animal/bird: Mainly flightless birds – kiwi, kakapo, tuatara. Only mammal  – bat.

Famous Building/s: Sky Tower, Larnach Castle, Aukland Museum War Memorial, Taranaki Cathedral, New Zealand Parliament House, Aukland Bridge

National Costume/colours: Māori clothing is the only form of dress that is distinctive to New Zealand.

Games/dance: Rugby

Haka – Maori war dance

Ki-o-Rahi – ball game

Ti rakau – stick game

Poi dancing

Whai – string game

Ti ringa – hand game

Interesting Fact/s: Has world’s largest snail & it’s carnivorous

Longest place name in the world Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu

First country in the world to give women the vote in 1893

Lord of the Ring movies were filmed in New Zealand

Home of the Giant Weta the world’s heaviest insect

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