Postcard snippets – The Netherlands

Country : Kingdom of the Netherlands

Capital : Amsterdam

National Day: 27th April – Kings Day

National Anthem: Het Wilhelmus

Language/s: Dutch

Currency: Euro

Population: 16.8million


Location: 52o 23’North Latitude 4o 55’East Longitude

Western Europe

Area: 41,543km2

Climate:  Temperate.  Yearly average 2 – 20 degrees Celsius

Four distinct seasons

Natural Hazards: Flood

Sea Storms

Food Staple:  Potato, meat and vegetable.

Eating Utensils: Knife/fork/spoon.

Transport: Bicycle

Native Animal/bird: Red deer, European mink, marten, dwarf rabbit, fox, beaver, wild boar, widgeon, geese, woodpecker.

Famous Building/s: Kinderdijk, Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Oude Kerk, Delta Project, Lieden Canals.

Education: Compulsory from 5 – 18 years

National Costume/colours: Dutch cap/bonnet, apron & clogs.  Orange.

Games/dance: Soccer

Sjoelbak- shuffleboard

Spijkerpoep – nail in a bottle




Interesting Fact/s: Keukenhof Gardens – world’s largest flower gardens

One quarter of The Nertherlands is below sea level.

Amsterdam has 1,281 bridges

The Dutch are the tallest people in Europe

With more than 18 million it is the bicycle capital of the world.

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