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Maxine Rennard

Maxine RennardIn 1918 my great grandparents purchased a holiday house near what was to become Ross Street, Swansea. Five generations later the family are still living in Ross Street.

While comfortable in their home, family members have always had a penchant for travel. In the days pre electronic communications and before telephones become an item of clothing, travelling family members would keep those at home informed of their exploits with letters and postcards. My great-grandfather on his world tour send a note via a recording from the Empire State Building, which at the time was the highest building in the world. Later I followed my Grandparents world tour with eagerly awaited postcards from exotic locations.

Like many children of my age I had pen-friends from around the world that sent postcards with interesting stamps. More than 40 years later I still correspond with some of these people, though the postcards have been relegated to Christmas and birthday cards.

Before marrying my soldier husband and moving all over the eastern states of Australia, I caught the train to London. This involved flying to Hong Kong, catching the Trans-Mongolian train through China and Mongolia to Siberia, and then boarding the Trans-Siberian train to Calais, a ferry across the channel to Dover and another train to London. At the time China, Russia and the Eastern Block Countries were closed to foreign travellers, phones were rare and mail was extremely slow. Needless to say my parents eagerly awaited my correspondence.

The travels didn’t stop, but the postcards got fewer as travel become more frequent for family and friends. While they may have gotten fewer the universal joy of receiving a letter or postcard has never diminished.

I now live in Kalimantan, Indonesia with my family which includes ‘The Cat’ from Australia and an adopted turtle from our new home. We also have the occasional fish that never seem to want to extend their stay.

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