The new artist – Louise Wilson

19th Feb 2016
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Those of you who loved Paul’s art work in the first book of ‘The Snail ate the mail – postcards’ series will be sad to hear he was unavailable to do the other books. He downed the paintbrush for a time to supervise the design and build of his dream home.




However, never fear! I have been extremely fortunate to meet Louise Wilson and I am sure you will not be at all disappointed with the incredible work she has produced. It has been Louise’s passion to paint and draw since early childhood. During the nine years Louise worked for the Queensland Education Department she illustrated numerous stories, teaching aids and storyboards. Two primary schools in Bundaberg were the fortunate recipients of Louise’s delightful murals depicting Australian animals in bush settings. I think it is obvious that Louise has truly enjoyed bringing her skills to illustrating the remaining books in the postcard series.

I am sure you will agree she has really captured the essence of the animals. Which is not a bad thing given the next book will be a ‘guess what’ mystery staring some ‘extraordinary creatures’.


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